Foundation Repair Using Rock Drilling Techniques

Missouri Rock DrillingSometimes the soil surrounding your structure can contain various layers of rock, preventing the installation of steel piers or wall anchors.  Installing contractors can be faced with problems unless they are prepared with rock drilling equipment.

In rocky landscape, special equipment like rock drills are utilized to penetrate and secure shifting walls and floors.  Rocky areas around the river such as Jefferson City to St. Charles and south towards the Lake of the Ozarks can be especially challenging without the proper equipment.

Rest assured that Ram Jack of Mid-Missouri is set up to handle these needs including drilled wall anchors and sea walls.

We offer a variety of solutions on how we can help solve your foundation problem. Our trained support team will evaluate the structure and provide the right solution that meets your needs.

Seawall Repairs


Failing Seawall Lake Ozarks
Seawall repairs Missouri

In Jefferson City, Columbia, St. Charles, Mexico, Fulton, and surrounding areas, Ram Jack of Mid-Missouri is the company with the experience to solve your foundation repair or bowed wall issues.


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