Foundation Piers For New Construction

New Construction Helical Piers MOMany Missouri property owners that have experienced foundation failure in the past and most will say that they wouldn't build a new house again without first installing new construction helical piers.  Why?  They have lived through the pain of having foundation settlement problems happen to their property. They not only had to pay to fix the foundation, but also for the damage it caused when it settled.

Anytime the soil is excavated for a foundation to be poured, it is over-dug to allow room for the workers and equipment.  Disturbing the soil can allow water to penetrate and change its ability to support weight.  So any new foundation can be affected just by being built.  Many times it is simply the soil isn't compacted well enough or doesn't have the support to hold the structure that is being constructed on it (the engineer's call this "blow count") .

Most commercial building projects however require the use of some type of piering prior to construction, be it a concrete pile or pier, or some form of engineered steel pier before the footings are ever poured.  It begs the question, why don't more home owners install new construction piers? 

There are a couple of reasons:  1) Code doesn't require it.  2) It adds costs to the project. 

New construction piers aren't something you can see when you tour a potential new home.  They are hard to get excited about.  Having those under the ground below your feet aren't as exciting as those granite counter tops or garden tubs, and therefore not a selling point to most buyers.  Knowing what can happen to the new dream home you have waited all your life to build, you see why educated home builders do get excited about having a stable foundation.

New Construction Piers Give You Peace Of Mind

Missouri New Construction PilesAnother important use of new construction piers would be for additions and add-ons to existing structures.  Many times property owners needing more space will add on to their existing structure and build on a garage or patio without regard to it's foundation construction.  Installing piers prior to building can ensure the foundation won't move after the added weight that walls, contents, and people add on.

Real estate costs keep climbing and finding a good building site gets harder and harder in some areas.  Developers or property owners are sometimes forced to fill in ditches or voids to level ground to build on.  A new construction pier is the perfect insurance policy in these cases to ensure that the foundation and the home sitting on it won't move in the future.

Contact us before your next new home or commercial property construction project begins.  We have an engineered solution designed for you that will give you peace of mind!


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