Concrete Solutions For Mid Missouri

Do you have cracking or buckling in your sidewalk or driveway? Are your concrete floors, porch or steps shifting? Ram Jack of Mid-Missouri offers a variety of solutions.

sinking concrete slabs moWe save concrete sidewalks, driveways, slabs, and floors at Ram Jack of Mid-Missouri! Not only can some of these problems be unsightly, they can be hazardous and even instigate lawsuits.

Ram Jack of Mid-Missouri also has years of experience repairing any concrete, including:

Why concrete sinks...

There can be many reasons as to why concrete sinks:  improper compaction of soils during or after the building process, water intrusion from bad drainage, and natural settlement.

Soils consist of solid particles and the spaces (voids) between these particles. However, void spaces in soil can cause big problems for buildings and concrete slabs. Concentrated loads, such as buildings or slabs, can literally squeeze air and water from soils. When this happens, the soil sinks and the buildings or slabs follow closely behind.

Solutions For Sunken Concrete

We have solutions to solve your sunken concrete depending on the structure and application.


Helical Slab Piers


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