Interior Waterproofing & Drainage Systems

interior waterproofing drain central missouriWe help solve Central Missouri waterproofing issues with FastDrain. FastDrain is an engineered sub-floor basement drainage system used to quickly channel ground water to a collection system where it can be pumped away.

FastDrain is designed so that both sides can collect ground water rapidly.

This waterproofing system is created with two punched sidewalls and a solid center divider which provides added strength and allows the ground water coming in from the floor/wall seam to get quickly channeled to the FastSump, while still allowing the water under the floor to get into the pipe. There is an antimicrobial additive in all the FastDrain fittings to resist iron bacteria from attaching themselves to the fittings.

An interior drain system like FastDrain is one of the most effective ways to relieve hydrostatic pressure from water under the floor.

This system also catches the water entering at the floor/wall joint and, when used with optional vapor barriers, can effectively drain any leaking wall cracks and holes.This closed system is different than many interior waterproofing systems in that it is sealed, which prevents moisture from evaporating back into the home.

basement waterproofing mid missouriA closed system helps reduce soil gases such as radon from seeping into the basement area. Not all waterproofing systems can say this.

FastDrain is custom designed for every basement. Each section of the FastDrain is assembled and accurately sized. It is an extruded durable poly vinyl chloride (PVC) that makes it one of the most durable waterproofing system on the market.

FastDrain protects the entire basement and is installed on the perimeter below the basement floor. The corners have access port covers to allow a service technician to flush out the system if needed.basement waterproofing foundation solutions mid mo

If you are going to have a waterproofing system installed, look for a closed system. If the idea is to keep humidity and wetness out of the basement, why would you install an open waterproofing system that continuously has exposed water?

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