Helical Slab Repair

When faced with settling, broken concrete floors in your basement or garage, slab piers can solve the problem. 

Steel helical piers are installed into the soil under the slab to transfer the weight of the slab to competent load-bearing strata (soil) or bedrock. Once the piers are installed, you can also lift the slab back to a level position.

Slab piers allow you to fix your settled slab quickly, without the need to remove the existing slab and any walls in the area.  Heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the failed slab and steel piers driven beneath to stable soil strata. Utilizing hydraulic equipment, the concrete slab is lifted to the appropriate level, stabilized and the bracket is removed.

Some Advantages of Slab Piers

Why concrete sinks...

There can be many reasons as to why concrete sinks:  improper compaction of soils during or after the building process, water intrusion from bad drainage, and natural settlement.

Soils consist of solid particles and the spaces (voids) between these particles. However, void spaces in soil can cause big problems for buildings and concrete slabs. Concentrated loads, such as buildings or slabs, can literally squeeze air and water from soils. When this happens, the soil sinks and the buildings or slabs follow closely behind.

Foundation settlement and movement in Missouri is typically caused by building on expansive clay, improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around foundations.

While soils vary from town to town, it is important to maintain your structure if you live in Columbia, Fulton, Mexico, Jefferson City, Eldon, Moberly, Macon, Kirksville, or anywhere else in Missouri.  Call us today for a no-obligation assessment on how to correct your foundation problems.


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