Foundation Repair Solutions Using Steel Piers - Piles

Our patented steel piering or piling systems are installed to depths well below the problematic Missouri soils which cause foundation settlement. In fact, our resistance piers will reach all the way to bedrock or adequate load-bearing strata before installation is complete.

These rigid columns of high strength steel are attached to your foundation's footing using heavy duty steel foundation brackets to create the new permanent support for the structure.

The steel piers are hydraulically driven to stable bedrock or load bearing strata and the weight of the structure transferred to the steel brackets attached to the foundation. This attachment is below the ground so nothing is exposed once the process is completed.

Missouri Foundation Repair Using Steel Piers

Each pier is load tested with a safety factor calculated to ensure a reliable permanent solution. The installation is fast and can be installed in limited areas. The structure is carefully restored back by lifting in unison on each pier or section of piers.

On the majority of Central Missouri foundation stabilization projects, windows and doors that used to stick will become functional, and cracks and other blemishes can be permanently repaired without concern for them reappearing.

Our unique pier solutions provide the strength and stability that can only be found in the best American steel. Retain the value of your structure by solving your foundation failure problems once and for all.

We Offer Several Solutions For:

Pier Driving Head
The Ram Jack driving head delivers rapid power to long sections of piling for faster installation and a stronger pile.

Hydraulic Rams
The Ram Jack system incorporates dual rams that drive deeper into permanent strata.

Pier Guide Sleeve
Variable-length guide sleeves, which are preferred by engineers, are designed to stiffen the piling in less-compacted surface layers.

Quality American Steel Pier / Pile Product
Steel driven, powder-coated piers provide a long term solution to your foundation support concerns.

Ram Jack Missouri Foundation Repair Using Steel Piles




All over Central Missouri including towns like Columbia, Fulton, Mexico, Jefferson City, Eldon, Moberly, Macon, Kirksville, Ram Jack of Mid-Missouri is the company with the experience to help solve your foundation problems. With a variety of solutions, our trained assessment team will evaluate the structure and provide the right solution that meets your needs with free estimates - always in writing.


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